Euro-Par 2024 | Track 1: Programming, Compilers and Performance | International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Track 1: Programming, Compilers and PerformanceEuro-par

Track 1. Programming, Compilers and Performance


  • TBA
  • Cristina Silvano, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


  • High level programming models and tools for multi-/many-core and heterogeneous architectures
  • Programming environments, interoperable tool environments
  • Productivity and performance portability
  • Compiling for multithreaded/multi-core and heterogeneous processors/architectures
  • Compiling for emerging architectures (low-power accelerator hardware, reconfigurable hardware, processors in memory)
  • Iterative, just-in-time, feedback-oriented, dynamic, and machine-learning-based compilation
  • Static and dynamic program analysis
  • Program transformation systems
  • Interaction between compiler, runtime system, hardware, and operating system
  • Compiler, run-time, and architectural support for dynamic adaptation
  • Compilers for domain-specific languages
  • Instrumentation, monitoring, evaluation and prediction of non-functional program behaviour
  • Auto-tuning and multi-objective code optimization
  • Verification and validation of performance models
  • Power consumption modelling and prediction
  • Performance modelling and simulation of emerging exascale systems